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Government Higher Secondary School, Doimukh

Government Higher Secondary School, Doimukh (GHSS) located at Papum Pare Doimukh Doimukh Doimukh is one of the popular schools in India. The school was established in 1948 as a Co-ed school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is managed by the Government Of Arunachal Pradesh. This School is counted among the top-rated Schools in Arunachal Pradesh with an excellent academic track record.

We primarily focuses on providing the best education to children through support school programs. We provide free support school assistance to every child of class (vi) to (xii). Our effective system includes chapter wise progress and reward mechanisms for fostering continuous growth that has changed the education ecosystem in the rural areas.

We have developed e-learning modules for children based upon their academic syllabus and our teacher uses the e-learning modules for ensuring acute-led learning for the children.

The target of learning is to shine in the community, in the nation, and the world. Government Higher Secondary School, Doimukh is dedicated to provide educational benefits and develop the educational status in the areas of Papumpare.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve educational, social and economic transformation for all youth and people towards an India where everyone has equal opportunities to access the quality of life. 

Our Vision

GHSS works to empower young people and women, especially those from marginalized social groups, to take control of their education and that of their families and their communities.

Our Objective

  1. To teach the fundamentals of the Academic subjects.
  2. To impart sound knowledge and quality education to make the pupils fit to meet the challenges of the world and daily life.
  3. To inculcate moral and ethical values in developing character and integrated personality.
  4. To make it a common platform, irrespective of creed and cast working together to create a new society where people would accept each other as brothers and sisters.
  5. To prepare boys and girls academically, physically, as well as spiritually for cultivating the qualities of confidence, initiative, leadership, sound character, team spirit, and dedication.
  6. To have a higher ambition for the next generation on a new horizon.

    About Us

    Government Higher Secondary School, Doimukh is Dedicated to Educational Development to Every Student


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      Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Doimukh, P.O.- Doimukh, District – Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh-791112

      + 91 94360 50549